Spaced Ghost at Art vs Cancer

Sold Out at First Show

In October 2018, before the prints were available online, Spaced Ghost and DigitalFusion donated 2 framed prints of his art to Phase One LA’s, Art vs Cancer event. The event featured over 100 artists participating with a couple of hundred pieces hung throughout the walls of Various Small Fires.

Despite this being the first show or auction for Spaced Ghost to participate in ever, both pieces sold before the end of the night! One of them was bid for within the first hour.

The Artist Appeared

The artist definitely wanted to attend, as this was his first show and his family has been directly effected by cancer and wanted to show his support. It was a warming experience to see his reaction to other reacting to his art for the first time.

Thank You All

One of the most fulfilling things for an artists is to know that others can connect with their art—and it’s an added bonus knowing that that art can be used to help with important things like cancer research.

This will not be the last show or the last you’ll see of Spaced Ghost—he will appear again!


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